Most advanced techniques for assisted reproduction and other fertility treatments

Most advanced techniques for assisted reproduction and other fertility treatments

Fertility Treatments in Alicante

A patient has to be concerned that some infertility problems are easily treated if you are directed with an accurate fertility program by an experienced specialist. Infertility can be hard to cope with emotionally while the most common infertility cause among women is ovulation disorder while men face azoospermia which is when no sperm cells are produced. However, in most cases, with the improvement of technology and many medical breakthroughs, infertility can be treated with conventional therapies such as surgery and drug treatment.

We list the 10 most important reasons to choose a treatment of assisted reproduction in Mediterranean Health Care Centers:

  1. Success rate 90%
  2. No waiting lists
  1. We are located right inside of a Hospital. This means more security and trust in the treatment.
  2. We have more than 30 years of experience in fertility treatments.
  3. We deal with all the current fertility techniques and we are specialized in the most complex techniques, like Egg donation or CGH Array
  4. We have our own Genetics Department and we offer Genetic Counselling.  We are experts in prenatal and preimplantation diagnosis, Annexin Columns to select the healthiest sperm, FISH test to screen the sperm genetically, DNA Fragmentation test to study if the sperm is fragmented.
  5. We consider all potential immune problems in our patients that could be a risk for the pregnancy and we treat them with intralipids, corticoids, anti- clotting injections …
  6. We treat low responder IVF patients using growth hormones to improve their chance of achieving an evolutive pregnancy.
  7. We believe in providing our patients with appropriate levels of personal support as they go through treatment. As a result, we provide an option for patients to engage in Fertility Support Coaching as they journey through this challenging life experience
  8. Refund Program: We have a fresh three-cycle programme for couples wanting this. This programme offers numerous advantages.


Our center:

The Assisted Reproductive Medicine Unit at Clinica Vistahermosa is innovative, because we have always made progress. In 1983 we inaugurated the first ever sperm bank in the Valencian Community for the cryopreservation of male gametes that are used in artificial insemination or cryopreservation in cases of radiotherapy, chemotherapy treatment or surgery.

Our extensive experience has been acquired by promoting training, education and research which are the three pillars on which we have developed the most innovative treatment and assisted reproductive techniques discovered in science.

Our own multidisciplinary medical team is made up of Gynecologists, Geneticists, Embryologists, Andrologists, Anesthetists, Nurses, Auxiliary Nurses, Administrative staff, among others. Our goals are to:

  1. Guarantee the most effective treatment
  2. Provide personalized and private treatment
  3. Reduce the level of anxiety
  4. Transmit hospital safety
  5. Uphold transparency and ethics
  6. Innovate and evolve permanently

We believe that quality is determined by training and education which is why we organize ongoing training courses throughout the year for our staff to increase and refresh their knowledge and experience so that they can then apply it to their work.

In turn, for the peace and mind of our patients the Unit is regularly inspected and audited for the corresponding official accreditations:

  1. Registration Certificate from the Official Register of Healthcare Centres, Services and Establishments of the Valencian Community for all the Assisted Reproductive Technology
  2. National External Quality Control Programme of Assisted Reproduction Laboratories (CEIFER)
  3. Spanish External Quality Control Programme for Semen Analysis (CEIFER)
  4. ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  5. AENOR 14001 Environmental Management System quality certification
  6. National Register audit of the Spanish Fertility Society
  7. Company quality audit by OZOOA International
  8. Authorisation to freeze ova and ovarian tissue for fertilisation in fertility preservation programmes by the Department of Health of the Community of Valencia


The need to use diagnostic or therapeutic resources and the most innovative techniques, has prompted the Clínica Vistahermosa Reproduction Unit to organize different educational activities that are intended to keep all its members of staff and other professionals from other areas of Reproductive Medicine updated on the latest progress. The result is EmbryoTraining project which main objective is to create a virtual environment to train embryologists and basically cut the costs of training them, of using human biological materials and of having to repair any of their laboratory instruments.

We collaborate with both Universities in Alicante to improve our results and our Master’s Degree has formed, since 1999, professionals for many European clinics. At the moment, we collaborate with the Mexican Ministry of Health in different researching programmes.


The different areas of the Reproduction Unit are all together so that our work is coordinated correctly. All our procedures are carried out within the hospital which saves on the time that the treatment takes and cuts down on the costs of such. This is essential for optimum success rates.

We believe that privacy, safety and peace of mind are the three prevailing conditions that must exist in all our treatment for optimum results.

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