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Breast Reduction Surgery (Reduction Mammaplasty)

Breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty is a surgical technique whose main objective is to correct over-size breasts to achieve a more attractive appearance in proportion to the body. 

Mammary hypertrophy is the term used to designate oversized and heavy breasts.  The condition causes stretch marks and because of the excess fatty tissue that invades the mammary conjunctiva, the breast tends to be large, hard and inflexible with precarious vascularisation. 

This surgery does not affect breast-feeding capacity and it does not interfere with subsequent radiological tests.

Benefits of the Operation

This operation solves the problems of mammary hypertrophy, which are social problems limiting choice of clothing and involvement in sports, as well as functional disorders such as backache, spinal deformation, poor posture, skin lesions caused by rubbing of the skin under the breast, etc.

Medical-technical description

The main objective of this operation is to lift the areola and nipple and reduce the size of the breast, achieving as perfect as possible volume, shape and firmness with minimal scarring.

About the operation

This surgery is almost always performed with local anaesthesia and sedation but in some cases general anaesthesia is used. It takes between two and three hours. Patients have to stay in hospital for around 24 hours.

Classic upside-down T-shaped scars have been replaced, in most cases, by very small vertical scars. The breasts are examined during preoperative visits to evaluate their structure and volume to determine the most suitable course of action.

Before the operation

  • You will have a blood test, ECG and X-ray. If the patient has a history of mammary cysts, a mammogram will also be performed.
  • You must not eat or drink for 12 hours before your operation.
  • If you smoke, we recommend you stop smoking at least one week before the operation.
  • You must remove all metal objects during the operation (rings, bracelets, earrings, body piercings, etc.).

Post-operative care

  • You will be released from hospital wearing a bandage that must keep dry for three to four days. This will be replaced by a close fitting non-underwired sports bra with front fastening that you must wear at all times for one month, even when sleeping.
  • Your stitches will be removed after 14-15 days, after which time you should have lymphatic drainage and apply rosehip oil to the scars or silicone patches as pressure therapy.
  • We advise a recovery period of around 10 days, although for jobs that require the arms or more considerable strength, it is better to wait a full two weeks.

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