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Artificial Insemination (AI)

Artificial insemination basically consists in placing semen within the uterus following appropriate treatment in the laboratory. This procedure is one of simplest and generally a maximum of four insemination cycles are performed before employing other more complex methods.

Artificial Insemination is no more troublesome than undergoing a simple routine gynaecological examination and the results are dependent on the diagnosis and the characteristics of the semen.

Artificial insemination may be 'by husband' (AIH) if the sperm come from the husband or 'by donor' (AID) in the case of a single woman or an infertile partner. All semen donors are adults, anonymous and are continuously studied to avoid congenital problems or malformations and sexually transmitted diseases. The donor semen is selected depending on the blood group and the physical characteristics requested by the couple. 

Our accumulated pregnancy rates after 4 cycles are 60% for AIH and 80% for AID, and vary depending on the diagnosis and progress of each patient.

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