Fertility check-up

The assessment of the conditions and possibilities of fertility is a gradual process. The study and detailed assessment of the partner contributes to the search of the causes of infertility and the most successful treatment. In some cases, the diagnosis is simple and short, in other cases must be multidisciplinary.

Once had analyzed the results, the specialist will complete a diagnosis of infertility causes and provide the best treatment. At this time we help to solve the infertility problems for approximately 95% couples.

The program includes

Check-up for a lonely patient:

Prize: 750

Program duration: 1 day


  1. Hysterosalpingography
  2. Hormonal analysis
  3. Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH)
  4. Infections serology
  5. Blood group
  6. Blood count
  7. Karyotype

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