The Hospital Medimar incorporates new technology: Fibroscan

This technique is a non-invasive and painless, which allows to estimate the degree of hepatic fibrosis through waves.

Studying the liver pathology seeks to determine the cause of the injury and also the degree of inflammation and fibrosis. The liver scars which would have been able to be produced by the patient pathology. This fact is important, as many scars the patient has, and therefore more fibrosis, greater is the probability that other complications develop.

Until now, it was difficult to make an adequate follow-up with patients who started the treatment. This issue is resolved with the implementation of a new non-invasive and painless system which allows to quantify the fibrosis level as frequently as needed. This system, called Fibroscan emits a wave that goes through the liver and allows to estimate very accurately the fibrosis level, and the importance of patient pathology. In addition, the check-up may be repeated as many times as needed so we can follow the effectiveness of the started treatment.

The pathologies where the Fibroscan can be applied are all those related to the fat. The acquisition of Fibroscan in Hospital Internacional Medimar allows gastroenterologists, who work in the Centre, to give an appropriate attention to patients with liver disease, not only because they can determine the relevance of the problem at the first visit - therefore estimate the prognosis - but also they can be tracked right over time.