Superb medical care and a holiday... the best investment in your health

Quality healthcare services and relaxation in Alicante, Spain.

One of the basic pillars of the state of well being is healthcare and quality of the care that medical services are able to offer the public. 

Achieving high levels of efficiency in these medical and healthcare services is a complex matter, but it is also essential to the self-esteem and peace of mind of human beings. 

Today's families look for health care services that protect them and which are also excellent value for money.

 That's why if you are thinking about your own and your family's health, you should be thinking about Mediterranean Health Care, an association of top level private clinics and health centres in Alicante province on the Costa Blanca, which offers a wide range of treatments.   Internationally recognised centres delight visitors to Spain, who find Mediterranean Health Care offers them the best way of having "that treatment" while enjoying some rest and relaxation on our sunny Mediterranean beaches. 

The Association also offers the vital "second medical opinion" service, whose main objective is to provide an online opinion to complement the first diagnosis. Having this information in advance makes it easier to plan a trip to receive a medical treatment at any of our health centres in Alicante and the Costa Blanca. 

The second medical opinion service can be obtained through an online consultation.  Experience, innovation, prevention.  Mediterranean Health Care combines top level private health care with convenience and comfort, essential to positive channelling of our patients' energy.

Combining health and holidays (which have always been two very closely-linked concepts) is sure to be a unique experience.... Perhaps that's why our clients feel a special connection with Mediterranean Health Care... Rest and quality of life are investments that are sure to bring great returns!